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The industry continues to change and we are trying to keep up with it all to ensure YOU as the user is well educated and use our products with caution.

99.9% of our products are HEMA free. The only product that contains Hema is our Transfer foil gel. With this in mind we need to ensure that you are aware that just like in any brand regardless if they call themselves organic, gluten- free, Hema free or Healthy- all of these nail enhancements are made out of hazardous chemicals and they must all be used with Caution.

The following are a few things YOU as a Nail Tech must know when using our DNS or POSH Product

1. ALL nail enhancements are Hazardous Chemicals. This is why we have SDS/MSDS sheets for our products, so that you are aware of how to handle them correctly.

2. Although we are HEMA Free. You must understand that all enhancements from our companies or others- DO contain other Chemicals that are hazardous if not handled appropriately.

3.Most of the time is not the Products fault but its the Nail tech or person behind the application. Keep in mind that Nail enhancements are made for the nails NOT the skin surrounding the nail. You must apply with extra care on the nail plate only. 

4. OVEREXPOSURE to nail products on the skin will lead to Chemical reactions that can occur in the skin around the nails which can cause an  itchy rashes to develop on the skin. Over exposure will happen over time. It all depends on the persons immune system as to how long it will take for it to be visible on the outside. 

5.When applying the nail enhancements be sure to cure them long enough and that your lamp has a minimum of 35 LED lights with a reflecting interior. ( we are working on our lamp so please be patient)

6. Educate your clients- We know that sometimes they like to save money and do their nails at home this is a huge cause of over exposure. Most of the time the products are not handled correctly or the companies do not educate them the right way on how to apply them. 

7. Over Exposure of chemicals can lead to dermatitis. Wear gloves when youre applying any Nail products. Do not overflow your product. Wipe off any top coat with alcohol and have client wash their hands with water and soap before applying the cuticle oil to prevent the  loose molecules left from entering the skin with the cuticle oil. Cuticle oils act as carriers to these chemicals.

8. HEMA is safe under 35% - when you expose it to the clients skin is not safe at all.

9. These reactions are life changing. Please continue to educate yourself and always be the best nail tech by making sure that you address your clients concerns and tend to their health by not overexposing them to the chemicals in all nail companies.











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